Dragonfly Chronicles

Official Trailer For PS Vita


Dragonfly Chronicles

2D action-adventure game
Release date: 12/11/18
Platforms: PS Vita

Dragonfly Chronicles is a 2D action-adventure video game heavily based on old-school classic games. It's mechanics, controls and music are meant to be similar to those old action games, but keeping modern graphics and sound. I like to think about it as an old style game with updated graphics.



Follow the leads of Mark West, who is looking for revenge on the mysterious death of his father and discover what is behind The Dragonfly, secret government facilities that involve experiments with humans. Help Mark to find the truth about his father and discover what is The Dragonfly planning in this action pack game!



Immerse in the addictive gameplay mechanics and controls to take full control of Mark in his journey. Run, jump, grab from walls and roof to survive the Dragonfly complex and its deadly foes.

Dragonfly Chronicles is a challenge... it has been made to really bring an old-school difficulty to modern days, you will love it and at the same time, you will hate it.


Speed Levels

Face the speed levels as Mark escapes or is being chased by a deadly creature to survive. You won't have a minute to blink!


Boss Battles

Mark will face deadly creatures in his journey, help him to fight mutant creatures in these action pack boss battles.



After every level, the player finds a rewarding cinematic to find the story behind why and what is happening. Awesome comic-style hand-drawing cinematics full of details and action.


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